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    Default Been to all 5 couples............almost.

    First let me say I'm a 100% couples fan having been to all 4 more than once....and have been to CSS in March & Aug this year...and truly love Jamaica......Then Couples Barbados opened we already had our 2 trips so we weren't looking for another...BUT 1000 dollars off, and a chance to try a new Island....lets do it, lets take a chance....will it be good ,WILL I miss THE JAMAICAN VIBE?.. How could it be bad it's now Couples becomes Sandals....And a decision must be we decided to go to barbados..this will happen in Dec...will we get everything promised us...will Sandals treat us differently because we got such a good deal from couples.... OH the people from Couples who think they get everything(massages resort credit etc,etc)...or will they try to win us over and break the magical couples spell that i'm happily under......Tommy & Cathy

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    We will also be there in early December and are asking ourselves the same questions! Like you we have been to all 4 resorts in Jamaica; some more than once, and we are definitely Couples fans. We look forward to visiting Barbados and will make the best of our Sandals experience.

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    Should be interesting how your trip turns out. We also were booked to Barbados, but jumped at the chance to switch, but a part of me wonders if I decided too quickly. Would have been nice to visit Barbados with all the service and perks of Couples. Write a detailed trip report when you get back because a lot of us are interested.

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    Just left, yesterday, from Barbados. 1week to go and the resort is currently being transferred. All Couples logo from rooms has been removed and the Sandals managers are everywhere. Sandals are currently advertising 'late deals' at Barbados. Resort is however very quiet.

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    We were also really looking forward to visiting Couples Barbados in February. We are 6 time repeaters to CSA and were torn but finally booked at CB. Finding out that Sandals was purchasing the property threw us for a loop but after much thought and stress with flights and pre and post flight hotels we decided to keep our plans and go to Barbados. We are hoping we will be pleased with our decision. We advised Couples prior to the deadline but have not yet heard from Sandals. We are extremely grateful for how Couples has handled the change, keeping the satisfaction of guests in the forefront. We have been assured that we will still receive all of the perks we were promised through Couples. Hoping to hear from a Sandals representative soon!

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    We too are sticking with Barbados. CSA was fully booked for our dates and Barbados is one of the only other islands I"ve been wanting to visit so.. never really considered canceling.We plan on getting out and seeing what we can of Barbados while we're there so I"m sure we're going to make the most of it and have a great vacation. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I"m going to be a little sad I won't be seeing the Couples Barbados sign when we pull in. Wonder how much of what Couples has done will be undone when we get there. As far as decor etc.. Also will be interested to hear if they've changed the restaurants. Not sure if reviews are going to be allowed on here.. may have to look on that other "travel site".

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    Think of the trip as an adventure and have fun.

    I'd contact them about your concerns and ask for a room upgrade as a sign of good faith.

    I have never been to a sandels property as they look cheezy to me but seems to me the beach and amentities won't change much in a short time. They might bend over backwards to win you over!!

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