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    Default Tennis on the weekends at CSA?

    I see on the official schedule there is nothing planned on Sat or Sunday.

    Are private lessons available those days? Ball machine to use?

    Was just wondering if anyone had any experience playing on those days?

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    Private lessons with the on-site pros are most definitely available on the weekends. Also, if you've been there during the week, you can arrange games with fellow guests of your level for the weekends as well. Only the clinics and roundrobins won't take place since this is when the visiting pros (who in my experience often aren't as good as the on-site pros anyway) are transitioning. Another tip is that you can combine 3 people's privates into a 90 minute doubles tactics/technique clinic (or whatever kind of clinic you want) with one of the on-site pros if you arrange that. I don't recall a ball machine, but I've never looked for one since I find them boring :-).

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    you can take lessons on the weekend absolutely

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