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    Default Another great CTI trip!

    We just got back from our CTI trip Oct 17-24th. Some things have changed but we still love it!

    You have to bring your old beach towel to the vendor area on the beach to get a new one and bring your towel to get a receipt before you leave. I can understand that since the last time we where there it was hard to find new towels when it was a free for all.

    The bartenders especially at the swim up bar weren't as fun this time. I think maybe that is because there was some issues with people getting to drunk at causing issues with staff apparently since I was there. We also found the quality of drinks weren't as consistent as before. But we found bartenders we liked and tried to stick with them. Again, not a big problem. Just sorry if the staff got into some trouble because of guests before.

    The food was amazing as usual. No complaints there!

    I actually liked the spa even more this time. We had two couples massages and asked for the ones we had the first time again for our second. Really friendly and I found more talkative this time which I liked.

    The disco party place is still under construction and looks like it might be for a while. They have moved the latte machine up to the piano bar but that means you can't get a morning cup which is sad. I hope they figure out a better place to put it for us morning coffee junkies.

    The grounds where as beautiful as ever and if anything I noticed even more staff cleaning it up and taking care of plants. They are always so nice and help you answer questions about plants and things.

    We also discovered that booking a taxi to go do things is a lot of fun! We had Terrence from Juffa I think taxi come and take us to Scotchies adn then the next day he took us to do a tour of Fern Gully, Spice Mountain and the Blue Hole. I have to say to do the Blue Hole as soon as possible. Right now the government isn't running it but that will change soon since they are now number one on trip advisor. It was amazing! At a cost of $10 each we had our own tour guide, Stefan, who had our camera and took pictures of us the whole way. We did cliff jumping, cave exploring and two rope swings. Its beautiful up there and in my opinion beats Dunns river hands down.

    We also did a trading places day to CSS. It was nice with the gardens and the grounds where amazing. We loved the plunge pool and huge cotton tree. The spa area looked amazing. The beach was more protected and not so rough with waves and looked excellent for snorkeling. We do think that all the stairs and how spread out it is would get annoying after a while though and found the place to have a very different feel as to CTI with being friendly and more 'fun'[ I guess is how I would say it. Staff where nice but not as talkative as CTI and guests definitaly seemed more to themselves. The gift shops where way better than CTI though. Bigger and more sizes on things.

    All in all we will be back. We love it at CTI. And we where shocked at how many staff and guests remembered us getting married there two years ago. It is such a special place and we are addicts to couples now.

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    Thank you for that review...we will be the there in 34 days for our 1st trip. Can not wait but a little nervous at the same time. We have never been out of the us or to a all inclusive resort. Glad you had a great trip.

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