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    Default YS Falls/Zip Line

    Could someone tell me what kind of footware is required to zipline at YS Falls? Needed to know if I should pack my sneakers or if I could go with strap-on sandals. Trying to pack light. Only 12.5 days to go!

    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    From what I've read, you need sneakers. There are some bridges you have to cross that can be slippery. But that is not first-hand information.

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    I recommend sneakers. We went on our last trip and had a blast. There is quite a bit of walking through the woods involved.

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    I would wear my sneakers if I were you. Wear them on the plane, pack your sandals. They are lighter

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    definitely sneakers! You wanna protect your feet in the jungle. We went as well and had a ton of fun too!

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    How much is it?

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