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    Default First time at an all inclusive

    We will be arriving at CTI for our honeymoon on Nov 5th! I have never been out of the country before and am so excited for my first all inclusive trip!! Does anyone have any suggestions for us first timers?? (Things we need to do, food to try, favorite drinks, what the weather is like, things we wouldn't think of to pack)? Also, what's the nightlife like there? Any advice, suggestions, or info would be great! Can't wait

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    Hello gebels,

    Congrats on the wedding! Being out of the country for your first time is defiantly an experience. But Couples makes sure that it is one to remember. My husband and I have been to CTI 8 times and we fall in love with it every time. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere of CTI is so comforting and relaxing.

    As far as suggestions: I would try to do all the activities at least once. Dunn Rivers falls and the Catamaran cruise are two of our favorites. I don't drink but my husband is a walking booze hub. lol. He loves the "Bob Marley’s" and he has a ball with making his own suggestions for mixtures. As far as food, I would try as much as your palate would allow you too. There is so much to choose from. Defiantly try all the restaurants for they all are delicious.

    The weather there every day is about late 70's and 80's and you never really have to worry about overbearing humidity. Most of our trips have been in April so I can really only speak for that season. But I've been around November and there was really no difference

    I am almost positive that you will have the best time at CTI. You made the right choice!

    Congrats again and I wish you the best throughout your marriage!

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