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    Default Back from CSS, 1st time review

    This vacation was one of the best choices that my husband and I have made in our adult lives. Truly. We have been married for 11 1/2 years and in that time we had not spent any time that did not involve hospitalization away from our children, and we've got 6 with a 7th due in January. I am so glad that we made this choice for ourselves, and I am so glad that we entrusted this time to the phenomenal staff at Couples Sans Souci.

    Whomever said that once you go, you know, was speaking absolute truth. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous, the atmosphere gave us the quiet that we needed, and the staff went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable. When we arrived at our room, there was a tray of fruits and a honeymooners welcome for us. A few days later on my birthday, another tray was waiting in our room. I was so touched by how the staff went out of their way to make our lives easier and more beautiful. The morning we left, someone ran from Palazzina to one of the other bars to get pina colada mixer at 9am because we were leaving and I wanted one last virgin pina colada.

    That said, anyone who goes to CSS (and I'm guessing anywhere on Jamaica, possibly most places in the Caribbean) should be aware that there does not appear to be a Jamaican word for "urgency." And I'm not entirely convinced that is a bad thing. It was therapeutic for us to be taken out of the constant "go go go, now now now" environment that we live in. It took a day or two, but we stopped looking at watches and started living on island time as well. We've been home for almost 2 weeks now, and we're still joking about it being "beach o'clock." And yes, the view from G block is worth it, but wow... there are a lot of stairs!

    The secret of Sans Souci is not in glitz or glamour, although you can't top the location for beauty or somehow put in a bottle what it feels like to walk onto a balcony and see the splendor of the Caribbean Sea. It lies more in the genuine kindness of its staff, and how perfectly designed the resort is to allow couples to enjoy each other in an environment that can truly be called "free from cares." I am certain that playing in the ocean with my husband on the main beach at sunset with no one else around on the first day that we arrived is going to be one of those moments that I remember for my whole life and I do not know that it would have happened at any place other than Sans Souci.

    Thank you to Couples, and thank you to the amazing staff that make CSS the jewel that she is. I do not know when we will be able to come home again to Jamaica, but I hope that it will be soon. And *waves* to anyone who was there at the same time that we were. We stayed at CSS from October 11th through the 15th, and were the young, pregnant couple playing frisbee on the beach.

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    Well said ... While we are taking a break from CSS (8 times) to travel to Barbados in December, our hearts remain with the family we have met in Jamaica ... We will be home again soon!

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    Fantastic!! Always love to hear reviews like this. San Souci is therapeutic.

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    We've been to both CSA and CSS. My wife's favorite is CSS, while mine is CSA. The atmosphere you spoke of at CSS is also there at CSA. CSS has a bit more beauty in its grounds, but CSA has the most fabulous beach I've ever been to. Absolutely loved the gala at CSS, but CSA has the most fabulous beach I've ever seen. CSS has really nice rooms, but CSA has the most fabulous beach I've ever seen. Well I think you get the idea.

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    Waves to you guys, we were there 10/12-10/21 and saw you playing frisbee, ping pong, frolicking. So glad you got to enjoy your time before your 7th! baby. We spoke several times and you both seemed genuinely happy. Hope to see you at a Couples Resort in the future. Best of luck!

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    CSS is truely a special place. We are heading back for our third trip in 2014. Can't wait. The beauty of the place is addictive.
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    Well, at least *trying* to do ping pong. The results were kind of... yeah. :-P But hey! Hope you guys had a wonderful rest of your stay at CSS.

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    we will be there dec 28- jan2 let do a ping pong tournament !!!!!!!!!!

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