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    Default booking a vacation at couples

    Which is easier to book a vacation to couples, travel agent of by ones self?

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    While I never tried booking myself, I always use a travel agent in case of some unforeseen trouble, they can help sort it all out. Our plane had mechanical problems and we got bumped because the next plane was smaller. While we were working to figure out what to do at the airport, our agent was on the phone with CN letting them know about our delay. CN was great! They held our room and went above and beyond the call.

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    We find it easier to go through a travel agent for flexibility and for safety precautions.

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    If you write me at I will give you the name and number of my travel agent. I have used her for all my trips to Couples and she has always beat everyone, including me getting quotes directly from the Couples website.

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    Last year got a great quote from a tour company but their insurance is expensive. Couples was higher but the insurance was cheaper.
    Couples matched the online quote so it was a great price.

    Realizing if you have to cancel couples will give you a credit, no refund if you inside 45 days. The airlines will charge me to change so in effect the benefit is interuption which if you buy thru American express travel you get some nice coverage. So no insurance, double points if booked on AMEX and their prices were actually better than couples direct.

    Im not sure one way is the absolute clear winner but this works for me. My advice is get quotes and information and compare. Just know that Airfair rates change all the time so your hard work might be negated because of a faire bump. Or it may decline!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulkman View Post
    Which is easier to book a vacation to couples, travel agent of by ones self?
    We called Couples Reservations in Jamaica directly and it was not a problem.

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    We liked using our travel agent because she takes care of everything. Not to say that we aren't capable. Just with going to another country we felt more comfortable that way

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    All but the last 2 we used an agent. I've booked with couples and its gone very well. I've had such rotten luck with agents. If I could find a good one, I'd probably use them as I just really never know if I'm getting the best deal.

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    Wow, I didn't even realize there still were travel agents! We've booked all of our vacations ourselves and with travel insurance. Never an issue. Some through travel sites and some through direct contact with the hotels and airlines. It has saved us a ton of money to shop around (versus posted prices). I'd think adding a middle man would add cost...

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    We don't use travel agents, either. I've booked through travel sites and through Couples or other hotels or airlines directly. It seems like I can not only do better with pricing, but I'm also able to get us the perfect flights. A few years ago I used a travel agent for a special vacation and.........what a hassle trying to explain what we wanted for rooms and flights. I guess I know what we want/need and I've been able to do it with no issues. No travel agents for us!
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