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    Default Will you be at CSA 12/4?

    I wanted to see if anyone else will be at CSA on Wednesday Dec 4th. My husband and I just signed up for the One Love Bus Bar Crawl! It's a 4 hour bar crawl to approx. 7 different local bars. The bus is free but you pay for your drinks at the different bars. You have to make reservations with Lenbert at 876.874.6631 (I tried emailing him but did not get a response). He is picking us up from CSA at 2:25...would love to see CSA represent!
    Here is the Trip Advisor link:
    One Love Bus Bar Crawl - Negril - Reviews of One Love Bus Bar Crawl - TripAdvisor

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    Our crawl didn't get bsck until 8pm so beware, they run long sometimes.

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    You should tip Lenbert 20 bucks also per couple

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    We'll be back home at CSA that week but can't make the bar crawl on the 4th. We're taking a tour with Joe Cool Tours to YS Falls and the Pelican Bar so we'll be getting back to the resort too late. Enjoy the crawl!!!

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    We will be there then!! Maybe we will make a new friend or 10!

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    Do you have his email. I will also call him, John and I will hopefully meet you on 12/4. Yeah!

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    Softail19 - Did you have a good time on the crawl?

    His email is:
    It looks like so much fun. Hope to see you guys there!

    Gina & Corey

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    We have 2 seats reserved!!! Party is ON at CSA

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    I have sent him an hopefully 2 more to add!

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