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    Default Staff Shout Out-Switching from CB to CSA

    I didn't know where else to post this but I just had to let management know how much we appreciated Yvonne's assistance in moving our reservation from CB to CSA. Of course I called in a slight panic on Friday after finding out about CB's change of hands - I wanted to make sure that if we were going back to Jamaica that we would be going home to CSA. Yvonne made sure that we were taken care of. She wasn't bothered with me calling to check in on things (I'm sure I was annoying) and she would call me back immediately if she needed anything more.
    All-in-all we were able to get a room at CSA for the dates that we wanted and we got on the exact flights that we had requested. Even though it took a few days to iron out, for some reason I wasn't too worried. Yvonne's customer service was wonderful and I thank her for making this a smooth transition. I'm sure the reservations employees are unfortunately taking the brunt of the change. I just want Yvonne and management to know how much we appreciated her going the extra mile for us!
    Can't wait to be back at CSA in 38 days!

    Gina R.

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    Did you take the last room at CSA? We didnít hear of the change until Monday evening when we read the email, so by then CSA was full for all of Dec. But thatís ok, as we havenít been to CN yet.
    I think weíve spoken to Yvonne in the past. This time Gisele assisted me through two phone calls and date changes. Theyíre always calm and helpful.
    When they do put you on the hold the Bob Marley music is a nice touch.

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    We may have...I think she said that there were two rooms left and that was Friday around 4 EST. I was a little worried that it wasn't actually going to be saved for us until we received confirmation on Tuesday...lets just say that the weekend felt longer than normal.
    Funny that you said that about the reggae...we actually paid the second half of $$$ for the CB on Friday morning (obviously before the changes). As I waited on hold with Couples, listening to Bob Marley, I was kind of wishing that we were going back to Jamaica. I guess the universe heard me

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    Yvonne also assisted us in switching to CSA. I could not agree more and very thankful of all of Couples helpful cheerful employees.

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    I love Yvonne too! She has helped me several times and is always so kind!!!! Couples is lucky to have her! She's a jewel

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    Andrea helped us get moved. She was absolutely delightful to work with and made the whole process easy and painless. It only took about fifteen minutes to get moved and I received a confirmation email a few hours later.

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    Yvonne has assisted us with many of our trips to Couples and is a shining example of Couples terrific service. We always contact her about our trips as we know how much she cares and how hard she will work to make your trip perfect. I sent her an email question about the CB move in the early evening and had a reply that night! WOW, was my reaction to someone who cares that much! Couples knows how to get great people.

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    Well...the secret is "OUT"...Yes, Yvonne is a true star. Her expertise in people skills, and calmness dealing with frightened angry people, and always having that beautiful smile that comes across , even on the telephone. We have known her since 1998 and she never , ever has let us down...always helpful, professional and unruffuled.... we have put her to the test a few times. Amazing, kind, loving, special lady !!!.
    Thank you are a priceless gem, but I think the Couples family knows that.

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    I can't tell you how many times Yvonne has helped us with reservations and friends (first timers) who needed help. She is truly a professional, someone you can trust and count on. Thanks Yvonne, DB

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    Love Yvonne. I always deal with her, and she always responds to me promptly if I e-mail her. I always make sure I put her on my comment card because she's such a pleasure to deal with.

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    Yvonne has always been spot on in her help and customer service, as all Couples staff are!! Not surprised it went smoothly! See you in January, CTI!

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