I didn't know where else to post this but I just had to let management know how much we appreciated Yvonne's assistance in moving our reservation from CB to CSA. Of course I called in a slight panic on Friday after finding out about CB's change of hands - I wanted to make sure that if we were going back to Jamaica that we would be going home to CSA. Yvonne made sure that we were taken care of. She wasn't bothered with me calling to check in on things (I'm sure I was annoying) and she would call me back immediately if she needed anything more.
All-in-all we were able to get a room at CSA for the dates that we wanted and we got on the exact flights that we had requested. Even though it took a few days to iron out, for some reason I wasn't too worried. Yvonne's customer service was wonderful and I thank her for making this a smooth transition. I'm sure the reservations employees are unfortunately taking the brunt of the change. I just want Yvonne and management to know how much we appreciated her going the extra mile for us!
Can't wait to be back at CSA in 38 days!

Gina R.