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    Default Use of E-Cigarettes on Couples Resorts

    How are E-Cigarettes regulated on Couples Resorts? Not really smoking and no second hand smoke like a regular cigarette. Are E-Cigarettes treated the same as tobacco cigarettes on the resort?

    I'm not a smoker, but my wife is. I can not smoke anywhere.

    My wife likes to use her E-Cigarette to take the edge off a little when she is not allowed to smoke.

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    Congrats to your wife on the use of the E-cig. I found that to be a satisfying alternative when I quit smoking. I gradually switched to the refills that had less and less nicotine in them until I was down to zero. First time that I have ever quit smoking that was virtually pain free!

    Sadly, the town I live in has just passed regulations that treat E-cigs the same as real ones and they are banned in all the same places. Even though I quit altogether now, I still like to see people make the switch. I don't have to breathe their smoke as I walk into buildings and I don't have to sit next to someone that smells like an ash tray. I hope that common sense prevails and few places regulate the E-cigs.

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    Nov of 2009 you could smoke regular cigarettes at CSS! Has that changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    Nov of 2009 you could smoke regular cigarettes at CSS! Has that changed?
    Yes to an extent. Jamaica passed a no smoking law so that you cannot smoke essentially under a roof. Thus most bars and restaurants are smoke free but the beach and other open areas are not. Also, when the law was first passed there were questions about the patios and balconies on the rooms. At that time Randymon said that smoking would be allowed on the patios and balconies.

    Hope this helps.

    Kurt and Angela
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