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    Default First time trip to CSA on Monday, for my honeymoon!

    Very excited to head to CSA next week for my honeymoon. I have been busy browsing the internet for all the reviews I can find.

    We are staying in a garden verandah suite! Is there anything I should request on arrival regarding the location of the room? Any tips for a first timer would be greatly appreciated!

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    Bigshem, congrats, you are in for a awesome time! We love the gvs, have stayed in the newer side and older side. Both are good but I guess we like the older side more for the lush vegetation . I would just roll with it see where you end up, it's all good! If you'd like a few pics of them, email me at
    Have a great trip!

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    Wherever you all will be wonderful... Enjoy!!

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    Since you haven't been to CSA before, take a look at the room you are assigned. You may decide that you love it and the location. If you don't like it, let the front desk know, and they will do their best to switch you to a different room. For example, if you get a first floor room, and decide after looking at it that a second floor room would suit you better for the privacy, let them know. I've seen many couples at check-in leave their bags, go check out their room, and then come back to the front desk to let them know whether or not they like their room.

    After you check-in, be sure to head straight to the concierge desk, which is in the same building as check-in. You can book Feathers and Lemongrass there, as well as the catamaran cruise.

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    We've been to CSA once and recommended it to a friends daughter and her new husband for a honeymoon. They loved it.

    Lots to do, but you get to pick and choose what and when you want to do it. I'd suggest going on a catamaran cruise, glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling, and anything else that sounds good to you. The beach is gorgeous, the food is great, and the people are wonderful. Make sure you try the rum cream.

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    Bigshem congrats on your wedding. You're going to love CSA! We know because we've been there three times and headed back home November 30th. We always stay in the garden veranda suites and like the newer ones on the Greathouse side better than the older section near the Palms restaurant. We like the ground floor rooms so we can just walk right out onto the property without walking around the building from the front door. If you get a ground floor room don't forget to ask for a key to the glass door on the veranda. We usually leave our keys in the room and just leave the door unlocked but the maid will lock it sometimes. If you're looking for privacy you may want a 2nd or 3rd floor room so people walking by won't disturb you. The older section has more character and not all the rooms are the same. Some rooms do not have a wall up to the vaulted ceiling separating the bathroom from the sleeping area...we didn't like that for personal privacy reasons. Tips: Eat the soups even if they sound weird, eat the banana stuffed french toast and pizzas in the Patois Patio restaurant, each lunch (veggie burger, fish tacos & humus/sweet potato chips) on the beach at Seagrapes Cafe, eat a romantic dinner at Feathers because it's worth dressing up for and the extra time it takes, use the exercise facilities across the road because it's the best resort gym I've ever been to! Well if you have any other questions ask here or drop me a line at
    Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA...

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    Photo Opportunities

    Both Couples Swept away and Couples Negril have beautiful sunsets on the beach. Everyone should get a picture of the sunset.

    However, there is a common mistake. Be sure to use a flash if there is a person in the photo. If you fail to use a flash you will get your beautiful sunset photo, but the people will only be a shadow. Be sure not to exceed the usable distance for the flash. This is usually no more than 10 feet (3 meters). We had this happen on our first trip to Couples Swept Away. I had to use a photo editor to fix these photos. Use a flash for the sunset photos and you will be much happier with the results.

    Also, if you see a couple on the beach with a camera around sunset, offer to take their picture. Make sure you turn on the flash and explain why. It is nice to have one of these sunset photos with both of you in the picture.

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    Thanks for all the responses guys! It seems I will just play it by ear and I'm sure I will love the spot they place me. Just got hitched yesterday, and have an early wake up call. Looking forward to heading to CSA!

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    Upon arrival, if you decide to request a room in the newer section, see if a corner room is available. The verandahs of the corner rooms are open on two sides instead of just one. These rooms also have a window on the wall behind the bed instead of a mirror. This lets in more light during the day.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    You will have a blast and congrats on your wedding! Friends of mine are heading there today also for their Honeymoon. We will be going back to CSA in May 2014!

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    Lots of good ideas but let me add another. Go on the resort tour when you arrive. Very informative making the rest of your trip easier and more enjoyable and a good chance to meet your next good travel friend. We have met couples from around the world who we still stay in contact with.
    The idea to look at the room location before your bags are delivered is a good one. We have done this each of our 4 trips to CSA and asked for changes twice. It never hurts to look and ask.
    Also, take warm weather clothes (shorts and flip flops) in your carry on to change into at the airport Couples Lounge bathroom. It makes the trip to the resort far more comfortable. If you are arriving early morning also put your bathing suits and some sunscreen on the top of your checked bag. Your room may not be available but you can easily remove these from your bag and change into them in the lobby bathroom or across the street at the sports complex locker rooms. This way you can head out to the beach while waiting. Enjoy! Ya mon...Irie!

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