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    Default Sunscreen formula

    We just got back recently from CTI / CSS (reviews coming soon and noticed a lot of burned bodies - mostly butts, right were the suit met the skin.

    Most people worry about the rain, but there is such a thing as too much sun ( Sun Poisoning: Symptoms and Treatment ) - it can ruin a vacation.

    So, Wondering just how much sunscreen to bring so you don't have to spend $20+ re-stocking at the resort?

    A simple formula that worked for us:

    1oz of lotion per person, per FULL day
    2-3oz. of spray sunscreen, per person, per FULL day

    This assumes:

    1> You spend all day (early AM to sunset) outside
    2> You swim in the ocean / pool and need to re-apply often
    3> You don't want to get burned at all (adjust the spf if you want to tan some / a lot)
    4> You go AN so you have some extra bits to cover

    We would use the lotion first thing in the morning and early afternoon for a complete cover up - usually in the room so we weren't sweaty.

    After a swim, and throughout the day we would spray each other as the spray works best when you're sweaty or wet - mostly our shoulders & backs.

    For example - staying 4 FULL days (6 days total)?

    Buy 1 8oz. bottle of lotion, and 2-3 10oz. spray bottles.

    My wife also likes to use the "Clear Face" lotion for her face - those go a long way and 1 bottle was more than enough.

    One other note - keep your fellow travelers in mind when you start spraying - unless you keep the sprayer very close, it goes everywhere - We always tried to move away from people before starting.

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    I plan on doing some tanning a few times before I get to the resort.

    The tan goes away a few days when you return so I basically try to stay in the shade. Still have to be aware that UV rays will reflect frm the water and can still burn even when percieved in the shade.

    I won't hide form the sun and will still lie out and soak the rays but if Im out most of the day there must be shade. I have had over exposure, its no fun.

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    I wear SPF 60 and go through half a bottle a day. This is with me on the beach from around 10:30 AM to 5 PM.

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    The reason for sunburns around the bathing suit is the elastic is tight against the the skin and causes a lower blood flow in that area. The body's natural cooling system has a lowered effect in that case.
    What we do is apply a lotion before heading out, and re-apply at least twice a day. We bring 3-4 bottles of either spray or lotion, but our true fire cure of ever having a burn where the bathing suit restricts blood flow to the skin is just not wear a bathing suit.

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    Not wearing a bathing suit is a very good thing!

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