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    Hi! Planning for CSS - first time - late January. Trying to decide b/w rooms based on best views - can anyone help me out? I read that beachfront rooms are the first 3 floors - are the views great? We really want a nice balcony to sit on and to look out on a spectacular view. Any advice you can give would be great - thanks so much!! : )

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    We stay in the beachfront rooms and the views are very nice. The rooms on the upper levels (lots of stairs around CSS) have spectacular views of the water. No bad choice at CSS. For convenience of access to the beach we choose the beachfront rooms.
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    Here is our view from the D block, Verandah SuiteName:  Sans Souci 2012 2012-09-27 001.jpg
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    In out humble opinion the best views are from rooms higher up on the resort (Blocks D-G). They offer some of the most exquisite views of the ocean, beach and resort in general with larger balconies. The beachfront suites sit closer to the beach and also have smaller balconies. Hope this helps in your decision!

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    Room G15a. Unbelievable views! Sunset every night in full glory, very private and has an enormous balcony with a settee (sofa), coffee table, round table with four chairs, a lounger and another occasional table. It's a proper outdoor living space. Add the amazing views and you have yourself a winner! It is at the top of block G so there are three flights of steps to get there but once there.....let joy be unconfined!

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    We've been to CSS twice now, both times we have been in G block in One Bedroom Oceanview Suites. The balcony's are amazing, and because of where G block is situated, you have some of the best views of the Ocean that CSS offers:

    The view from G16 in 2010:

    Sunset photo from G11, last week (yes we just got home and are depressed about it):


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    Our view from G-17 was amazing. But the balcony was slightly less private than we would have wished.

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    Thanks everyone! You're info was very helpful. Planning to book soon - yay!!!

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    Hi! Don't forget to research the Penthouse Suites! The only Penthouse with an obstructed view/small balcony is C-8 the Pavarotti Suite. Enjoy your planning!:-)

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    Can anyone comment on the beachfront suite rooms in block B? I have heard B is centrally located and convenient to everything... but I am also looking for a large private balcony, and a beautiful view. If you have a recommendation for another room which meets these criteria, I am all ears!

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    Beachfront suites are in Blocks A & B...which are directly next to each other with a walkway in-between. Block A is closer to SSB and Water Sports while Block B is closer to the Palazzina Restaurant. You won't find a large private balcony in this room category. Those would be in the Deluxe Ocean Verandah and One Bedroom Ocean Suites. In our humble opinion the best views come from up on the cliffs in Blocks D-G...which is where those previously mentioned suites are located. Hope this helps!!!

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    Here is a view from the patio of B7, a ground floor room, right smack in the middle of building B. We loved the location, so close to everything which was helpful since my hubby has some mobility issues. It was a gorgeous view every morning, noon and night. Hoping we can get the same room when we are back there in two weeks!

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    Here is the view from our patio in room B7, a ground floor beachfront suite. We loved the location and cherish this view so much it's a desktop background for us still a year later!

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    Anyone have a picture of the view from the Prime Minister's suite?

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