Im a "KosherLactoseintolerantGlutenFreeVegan".........W ell, not really! I sometimes bring my own food to parties if the host is not cognizent of my choices.

just under 4 years ago had a major health event that galvanzed the priority of eating right. I was in very good shape going into it so coming out of it was an easier transition for me than for many. I was also 47 and that helped! In the past on vacation I could afford to "go off the rails a bit" and partake in some unhealthy choices with little problem.

Now I just prefer to stick with what is working as I just feel better eating more sensible. While I don't expect a gluten free environment or in need of a "special diet", I was just wondering if others found the choices of good fruit, chicken, fish and veggies to their satisfaction. Im sure there are lots of soups with cream, burgers,cheese dishes and fried choices as there are in the real world but I need to navigate to other choices.

Its been about 13 years since I was at Couples Negril.

Please don't get me wrong, I will still partake in drinks that require a blender and will play two hours of tennis daily so its not a caloric thing!

While some celebrate wedding aniversaries my wife and I will be celebrating the "in sickness and in health" vow and from time to time I like to remind her not of my hard work or being "brave", but as my primary care giver what a great job she did and forever grateful! To not eat well and abuse myself is just rude to myself, and to her!