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    Default Switched from CB to CSS

    We wanted to see Barbados but did not want to be at the resort during transition for many reasons (at the very least they are going to have to drain the pool to add the Sandals logo). Our honeymoon was at CSA 2.5 years ago and really fell for the brand. I don't understand the draw to Sandals. I pay for the type of room I want at Couples and regardless of that type I still get all access and all services of the resort. The "class system" at Sandals just does not appeal to or interest me.
    Anyway, We are hoping that CSS will be just as good as CSA but at the same time, be a different experience we will get to enjoy.

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    Hi LK/JK,
    There is a natural tendency to fall in love and be loyal to the first Couples resort you experience. Our first was CN, which we dearly love and will be there for another 8 days in several weeks. We go twice a year and usually stay two weeks -- each week at a different resort. We have been to all four of the Couples resorts and have three that are our favorite -- CSA, CSS, and CN. Each one is a wonderful and special experience, just different in a good way. But all are the same in many ways -- service, food, and employees. You are just going to love CSS (as noted, that is one of our favorites). It has the best AN beach by far and is the most beautiful. Be sure to take advantage of getting a massage over the cliffs.

    Sandals was our first all-inclusive (which by the way is not all-inclusive since cost of the catamaran is usually extra, as is wifi, and the resort scuba course). We likewise don't like the "class system" For the location we desire, it always require butler level service, but we decline the use of butlers as that is just not us.

    Enjoy all of the wonderful features of CSS and bring home many wonderful memories.

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    Great choice, you will have a great time. It is very beautiful and laid back. The staff is the best, they will make you stay special.

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    CSS is absolutely beautiful. You will be amazed. We love CSS. Been twice and going back in 2014 for another 10 days!
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