We just got home from our second visit to CN on Saturday - it was wonderful. During our first trip in 2009 we got a magnet made out of a coconut shell cut in a heart shape hand painted with a sunset scene with our names and date on it from a vendor who came to the resort. We found the same vendor last week and had him painting a 2013 magnet for us to commemorate this trip - it was going to be our special souvenir that we will get with each trip to CN (we will return in a couple of years). Anyhow, long story short, we forgot to get it from him the day he was at the resort and was told he was going to return on Thursday last week and he never came - we had to leave Friday. We are so disappointed - this is surprisingly important to us!

So, I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to either get the magnet he has already painted for us and send it to us once you're home or if the one he made for us is gone, have him paint one for us and send it to us once you're home. Of course, I would send money to you via Paypal for the magnet ($15) and shipping ($10) prior to your trip if you would be willing to do this for us.

I know this is a huge request - thank you for even considering it. Please contact me at: shawnitarn@hotmail.com if you feel you could do this for us. I would like to send you a picture of the magnet we already have via phone so you know what I'm talking about (I don't describe things well). Of course I would include our names and info we would like on the magnet along with our address.

Thanks so much for even reading this! I would appreciate it so much if you feel you could help us with this.