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    We just returned from our second visit to CSS. We booked a penthouse for our trip this time. We received a penthouse in E Block.

    Just wondering why these rooms are considered penthouses? Is it because they are on the top floor? The description for the Ocean View rooms seem to fit these rooms better.

    The bathroom is definetly not worthy to be called a penthouse bathroom. In my opinion the little wet bar room off the living room seemed to be alot of wasted space. It contains your mini fridge, a sink and lots of empty cupboards. I think this space could be better used in making the bathroom larger.

    The room was great otherwise -- nice balcony (not real private) -- great view.

    We still had a great time and will be back for visit number three.

    It's just a little disapointing that you're paying the same rate for a penthouse in E Block as someone in a penthouse in D Block.

    CSS November 2010
    CSS October 2013

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    We loved our penthouse suite in E block, E9! Yes, the bathroom was small but the location at the end of E block, 3rd floor was great. This is at the opposite end from the Balloon Bar and we never heard any noise. Our view was absolutely gorgeous and we found our balcony to be plenty private. We would ask for this room again.

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    oma parrothead,

    My hubby and I totally agree! Three years ago, we booked a penthouse and got one of the E block ones, as well. You're assessment is 100% how we felt. We did LOVE the balcony and had a fabulous time on our trip, so it's not like the our trip was ruined. We just feel now, that we'd rather spend our money elsewhere for the trip. So, for our return trip, next year, no penthouse, but we upgraded to first class flights.

    Regardless, CSS is amazing and can't wait to be back in April!

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