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    Default Getting Married @ CSA on 4/26/14

    So excited to marry my best friend in the entire world on 4/26/14 at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica!

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    Congratulations! My husband and I were married at Couples Swept Away on 4/26/12, so now we will share the same anniversary with you and your soon to be husband!

    If the day repeats itself like ours, it will rain in the morning and you will be told you may have to get married inside instead of on the beach. There won't be sunny skies like you dreamed of and hoped so badly for. BUT, embrace it! We were still able to be married on the beach and the background of clouds and gray ocean is actually beautiful in our pictures and video. It started raining 30 minutes after our wedding ceremony and didn't stop for the rest of the day. We have some awesome memories of our wedding day afternoon at the swim up bar at the pool in the pouring rain. How many other couples do you know that can say that?!

    Point here is, make the best of it, even if things don't go how you planned and hoped. Everything will turn out perfectly in it's own way and it will be one of the the best trips and memories of your life. The wedding coordinator will take care of everything and the photographer and videographer if you get one will give you wonderful memories to always go back to and look at. Relax, enjoy, and soak up every last minute that you can!

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    Natalie, it's more likely to rain in the afternoon on Jamaica. We got married at 10 am and had stunning weather although it was in Feb. We have been to csa the last 3or 4 trips in april and like I said it will most likely rain every afternoon for a short time. We've scheduled our vow renewal for april 22 @ 11am and hope for the best . Mornings are usually glorious.

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    Hi congratulations to you both. We are getting married at CSA on 9th April @ 4 in the afternoon, really hoping it does not rain! We are coming on our own for our special trip, its our 1st time & we are so excited. Any hints or tips greatly appreciated for our wedding.

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