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    Default Wifi Internet speeds at Couples Barbados - terrible!

    Hi all, I am hoping Randymon or someone from official Couples will read this. The internet speeds and connectivity are simply not acceptable at the Barbados location. Many who come to vacation also have to check in for work or family or both and rely on the internet to maintain vital contact. We are not able to do this here.

    I am actually at the on site internet café in Barbados typing this message because the access via tablet in our rooms is just not working.

    I realize that this location only has two weeks left as a Couples property, but I am sure there are many potential repeat customers for Jamaica who are present these two weeks.

    Something as simple as a reboot of the associated hardware could be a fix.

    Will check back and hope for an official response. Thanks!

    Island Tom

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    Island Tom,

    I am disappointed to read this as I was recently at the resort myself and did not have any issues. I have forwarded your post to our IT department.

    Couples Resorts

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