104 days until our first trip to an all-inclusive resort. We chose Couples after lots of deliberation, endless lists and comparisons, reading reviews until our eyes went buggy, and deciding what we really wanted out of this vacation. We chose CSS. We have been saving up for two years, daydreaming and fantasizing about that worry-free feeling of not having to cook or clean or shovel snow or drive anywhere. No getting to bed early so we can get up early and fighting that morning commute to a job where we feel under-appreciated and overworked. I jumped on a good price and patted myself on the back for being frugal and alert. By the end of this week we will be all paid up, with nothing left to do but wait and pack. sooooo excited!

Reading the message boards the last few days have made me realize that, for some people, this trip is something they do every year - some even more frequently than that. How fabulous that must be! But I have to admit I'm not that jealous. Every little bit of this adventure is new and exciting for us. I don't have any previous experience to compare it to. I don't have any expectations beyond the general "this is going to be AWESOME!"

I'm not a loyal repeater, so I won't be getting any free gifts but that's ok because for me, taking a vacation is a gift. Having someone else cook for me is a gift. Spending uninterrupted time with the man I love is a gift! I look forward to buying a souvenir in the gift shop to remember it by. There is a good chance we might not get to do this again. Life is hectic. Life is expensive. Vacations are a luxury.

We newbies often ask questions on the message boards about what to expect, but hopefully we also have something to offer. Sometimes seeing something through the eyes of a newcomer can remind you what's really great about Couples and Jamaica. I hope my excitement is contagious because I want to share it!!