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    Default CB Free Night and Romance Rewards?

    Our trip is booked to CB/SB for May 1-9. We paid a deposit and don't know yet how or who we pay the balance to before our trip there? Part of our deal was the seventh night free. I assume that is still being honored?

    Also, will Couples allow regular guest to receive credit for or extend their Romance Rewards to use on their next trip to Couples? Even if you do not give new Romance Rewards for the CB/SB trip now that the resort changed hands a minimal offer to extend existing points another year, since we were going to CB as loyal customers, would seem to be in order to say thank you. A minimal gesture that only cost Couples anything if guests return to Couples which is really the main idea. Seems to be a good business offer and a win win for all parties.

    Please do not give up on expanding outside Jamaica. We would follow Couples to any of the islands they go to! We were married at CSS and have travelled to Couples 9 times now. Ya mon...Couples, Irie!

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    Yes, your stay will count toward future Romance Rewards benefits

    Couples Resorts

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