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    Default COUPLES BARBABOS Trip booked for Dec 4 - 11/2013

    Hello Couples,

    We are booked for Couples Barbados for Dec 4-11/2013 and would like to know if our booking and our Romance rewards gifts as returning loyal guests are still going to be honoured as well as our Barbados promotion booklet as promised?

    We were assured that our stay at Couples Barbados would be perfect as we have done our Pre book in and confirmed our reservation directly with CB.

    I'm sorry if we have missed something in the threads with this issue, but it doesn't appears these questions are being answered clearly for any reservation pre booked for after Nov 6/2013 that was paid in full.

    Just to confirm any confusion we still want to go to the Barbados regardless if it is COUPLES or SANDALS since we had planned on booking Couples Negril Jamaica for 2014

    Best Regards,
    Nova Scotia

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    Please re-read the top thread. You are protected. Sandals will deliver everything you have paid for.

    Couples Resorts

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