I get that people are upset, worried, maybe even angry about the Couples Barbados transfer to Sandals. But honestly, I don't get the sometimes rude, "all about me" tone of some of the questions....Given the seemingly last minute nature of the sale to Sandals, I think Couples has done a remarkably good job at getting the info out to its loyalists, and according to one of the threads, Sandals will soon be contacting each one of the upcoming reservations directly.

So really, I wish some people would tone down the rhetoric and read through the threads carefully before demanding compensation or fretting that they can't get their favorite Jamaican Couples resort at the time of their vacation.

I've stayed at a Sandals resort, and while they're no Couples, they're a very solid brand, and you can bet they'll do their utmost to convert any Couples loyalists to the Sandals brand....I mean they have a captive audience, so why wouldn't they do all they can to provide an outstanding vacation experience to a group of people (many of whom) have proven to be repeat guests of their chosen resort brand....

I'm sorry for those who have had their dreams of a Couples vacation denied, and hope they can somehow make do with the (IMO) generous alternatives provided by Couples.

And no, I didn't drink the Couples kool-aid.