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    Default Transition from Couples Barbados to Sandals

    After an amazing time at CSS we knew we had to try Couples Barbados. After discovering on Tripadvisor that in the middle of our trip that is scheduled for November 3-11 that staying at Couples will not be the case. When we look for a vacation we specifically looked for a non corporatized hotel hence why we booked with Couples. Finding out 2 weeks before we leave that we will be staying at a Sandals completely disappoints us. Talk about a bait and switch situation. Randymon, I have read our options but 2 weeks till our departure leaves us literally no options. I have looked into going back to Jamaica and all hotels are sold out, so that's not an option. Also, $500 credit to change our flight 2 weeks out is not an option either since there is no rooms available. Couples has left guests that are in our similar situation "stranded." You pay a good deal of money with expectations of something and now we are left highly uncertain of our "vacation". Taking time off from work, life and family to relax and not be stressed out is a must but now we are left highly stressed and confused with no options or guarantees. In any transition from ownership like we have been seeing when Couples took over I would expect the same problems to arise when Sandals takes over. Unacceptable from a guest point a view and not be compensated in any way is highly upsetting. We will never travel to any Couples resort again, we see that the guests really do not come first.

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    JamieDan - there is still space at Couples Tower Isle. This resort has been consistently rated as one of the best in the Caribbean AND recently voted as the #1 Hotel Spa in the Caribbean by Travel+Leisure readers in the magazine's annual "Worlds Best Awards".

    The Sandals deal was just concluded on Friday, giving us very little time to let everyone know. We do apologize for this, but it was out of our control.

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