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    Default CB - Concerns over wording!!

    My husband and I (with two friends) have booked CB for the end of March beginning of April 2014. As I read the announcement, Sandals will honour our booking for next year. However, my husband feels that we may not have a holiday as 6th November is the cut-off point. Please, Randymon, can you absolutely confirm that we'll be able to have the two weeks in Sandals without any problem (unfortunately, we can't change the flights for Jamaica). We're spending Christmas/New Year in Sans Souci/Negril so at least we have that to look forward to!!!!

    Huge thanks

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    jean - IF you are already booked, you are protected. Also, there is no reason why you cannot change flights to Jamaica in April 2014. If your tour operator is telling you that, then escalate the conversation all the way to the product department and have them contact me.

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