Was looking at booking a trip for Janurary, and just 2-3 days ago I went online on my phone to eyeball Barbados prices. Since, well, I love Couples and would love to try a new place. Looked pricey, but, whatever, it's Couples!

I start pricing trips. Got prices for CTI. Ok, Barbados next. Cant find it. Weird. Maybe its booked up.

Come here - its not on the menu. What the heck? I sent my GF links to the page just the other day!

Message boards? Gone! Wow! What a shocker! What a shame too! I wanted to go to Barbados! Oh well.

Whats funny - I know nothing about Barbados. But if there was a Couples resort there - I'd go on the reputation of COUPLES. The resort would bring me to the country.

Without Couples being there, not sure if and when I'll ever make it to Barbados. Oh well...

Guess I'm coming back to CTI. Sad about Barbados. Happy to be coming back to CTI for trip number three