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    Default Garden Verandah Suites at CSA & Noise??

    We have been to CSA once before, spoiled ourselves and stayed in the beachfront verandah suite and LOVED every second of it. The quality of this resort was far superior to anything we had ever experienced. We are going back this year and are more budget conscious and are considering a Garden Verandah Suite. In the GVS has anyone had problems/concerns specifically regarding road noise or other problems being set back further in ? Thanks so much!

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    Don't worry.

    We have been to CSA 4 times, the first time we stayed in 2005 we were in one of the older Beachfront Suites and it was very nice with a good view over the beach although there were a lot of palm trees between our balcony and the ocean which does have an impact on the view.

    All the other toimes that we have been we have stayed in one of the newer Garden Veranda Suites next to the main road and noise has never been a problem for us at night. We sleep with the air conditioning on full and the noise from the AC drowns out any road noise for us, the wine with dinner followed by 3 or 4 whiskies before bed may also help us sleep soundly?

    We are going back to CSA in less than 2 weeks time and have booked a Garden Veranda Suite again although we are hoping for an upgrade if any CSA staff read this post?

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    I would agree with the above poster. Is there road noise? Yes, but it becomes "white noise" and if you are sleeping with the air on, you don't hear it. Honestly, I heard more noise from the Great House in the morning than I did from the road (dishes and such). But even that was minor. I'd have no reservations at all about booking a GVS again.

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    We had zero issue with road noise and in fact never heard a single thing from the road. We were on the first floor so maybe it is better there? We are going back in 36 days and will be staying in the GVS again. Loved it.

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    Default GHVS Room Selection

    We just arrived at GHVS Couples Swept away. They did not have our room choice available. Room 5206 is a good room in the Great house it seems to be larger and offers a partial ocean view and a review of the resort. We are currently in room 5111 and are looking at a building that is not part of the resort. We are going to be moved tomorrow. I would suggest contacting the resort to request room 5206 (2) is for the second floor which is the top floor. We don't feel like we are part of the action looking out to another property. Yes we can see the ocean but it's not the same.

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