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    Default Couples Barbados - alternative options -disappointing!

    I don't really see what benefit the alternative options are unless you bought cancel for any reason insurance. If you booked a package through a tour operator you can't change to Jamaica - you can't make any changes - again unless you bought cancel for any reason insurance - so you are pretty much held hostage and are forced to go to Barbados.

    Even if you booked direct with Couples and you want to change - good luck getting a room anywhere except Tower Isle due to the short notice and then you will still have to pay an airline change fee.

    The full refund kind of works if you booked direct and can find another hotel that you like that will not be couples only on the island of Barbados. Doesn't work at all if you booked through a tour operator.

    Really disappointing to now find ourselves going to a resort that will be on day 3 of transition when we arrive. We are repeat Couples guests - if they want to retain our loyalty and the loyalty of the other guests that booked a couples product they should offer every guest that is booked there in the next six months a $500.00 refund for not delivering what we were promised. Six months because I am sure that within that time frame Sandals will have the bugs worked out and whatever refurbishments they are making well under way if not completed.

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    Yes you can change your reservation with your tour operator. There may be change fees, however we are offering you $500 to cover these fees if you change your reservation to Jamaica. We are reviewing your request for 2014 compensation.

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