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    In reading your response to Amanda I have 3 questions concerning Romance Rewards. 1) Will Couples count our visit to Barbados towards our Romance points? 2) Will we receive our $200.00 resort credit? 3) Will Sandals honor our 1/2 hour massage? You stated you would like for us to come to Jamaica however there is no availability @ the 2 resorts we would like to travel to for the same week. This is our 14 th trip to a Couples resort and we have always enjoyed our stay in Jamaica we will visit Sandals Barbados and make the best of it, I am sure there may be others in the same situation, however we expect our concerns to be addressed. Remember your repeat guest will always be coming back again and again!


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    I'd like to echo the previous contributor, we were due to visit Couples Barbados with friends in March/April next year and the three questions concerning Romance Rewards also applies to us. A fourth question, please - will our paid-for upgraded accommodation also be honoured by Sandals? If the room rate charged by Sandals is less than Couples, will we get a refund? We absolutely adore the Couples experience and are really disappointed to be under the Sandals banner. Do you have any idea when the 'Sandalization' will be completed?
    Huge thanks

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    Sandals has confirmed that All benefits and amenities promised by Couples will be delivered by Sandals. Yes, this stay at Sandals will count towards your Couples Romance Rewards.

    If there is a lower rate, then you will need to take up the conversation about a refund directly with Sandals.

    No idea of the scope or completion of "Sandalization" works.

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