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    Default CSA gift Shop Items

    Do they sell sandals at the gift shop that may be aprropriate for a beach wedding? If not, would the shops by the beach sell any?

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    All they have in the gift shop are Havianas...nothing for a beach wedding. We got married at CSA on 4/20 on the beach and went barefoot. I had taken Steve Madden clear jelly sandals with crystals on them. Didn't wear for ceremony but wore to dinner that night. You're not going to find wedding suitable at or off resort nearby.

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    Question #1 - if you are coming to CSA for a wedding, why wouldn't you bring appropriate footwear from home?
    Question #2 - if you getting married or just part of the wedding on the beach, why wouldn't you want to be barefoot?

    The gift shop in the old south lobby sells flip-flops.
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    Just usual rubber fip flops at CSA gift shop.......(might have silver in your size)....Best you check out Zappos or your fav store to be sure.

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    yes, they have some, but nicer ones are sold by vendors at CSA right on the beach (leather ones)

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    I do not remember any sandals other than flip flops. I think if you want pretty white sandals, I would bring them with me. There are multiple online sellers that can get you what you are looking for.

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    Last year my sandals broke (a strap broke) and i went looking for something appropriate to wear to feathers. At that time all they had was flip flops. Some were dressier, but still all flip flops. Depending what you are wearing, it may be fine for the beach wedding.

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    Just wondering for a back up is all, bringing something suitable, but did not know if they had more of a selection there too

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    I will reiterate...we were at CSA last week. Nothing in gift shop but Havianas. Logo shop has other thong casual sandals. I had blistered between my toes and bought the only pair (blue rubber) non-thongs. Don't leave home without wedding shoes, but DO go barefoot for ceremony!

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