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    We're booked for Couples Barbados Dec 6 to 13th of this year. Will our current rate be honored by Sandals? . Switching to one of the Couples Jamaica resorts isn't an option if it has to be for the same dates. Couples Swept Away is our resort and its fully booked for those dates.
    I saw that a thread with a similar question was closed so if you want to contact me privately thats fine. Thanks in advance for your help figuring out what our options are.

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    Responding to my own thread.. since its not closed. Obviously my first question has been answered on other threads, and I"m glad to hear it doesn't have to be same exact dates. Doesn't help me ,since Swept Away is fully booked for December and rates hike up quite a bit in January, but might help some others switch to Jamaica. I guess I"m going to make the most out of our trip to Barbados and will be even more ready to be "welcomed home" to CSA next December! Already booked!
    Just one more question... will Couples be leaving the hammocks in Barbados? just kidding... sorta.. haha

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    Accoring to everything I have seen Sandals will honor the rate that you got from Couples. We are in the same boat. We would rather go to Couples (we are set to arrive on Nov 7th) but the airfare will not allow it. The only thing open is CTI at this short dates. We have been to CTI twice and like it very much but an additional $1200 even with the $500 is more than we can afford. Hopefully the Couples "hangover" of staff will make our's and your stay all we expected and more. I also read that you can exchange dates. So that may help you contact Couples Reservations.

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