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    Hi!!! My HUSBAND! and I will be spending the week of christmas at SanSouci and Swept Away for our honeymoon. We really want to do some beach model/swimsuit issue style on the sand. Does anyone have any recommendations and links for some photographers in either SanSouci or Negril??? Everything I'm finding via google isn't very good!

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    Sans Souci has staff photographers. Ask for Chevelle.

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    The resort photographers will do them for you at no cost other than the cost for what pictures you choose to buy ..... We've had them done before at CN & they did a great job. Just talk to the photographer & set up a time to meet for the pictures.

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    Couples has excellent photographers on site. Enjoy!

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    We hired Misha Earle when we got married at CSA...she is awesome! Misha Earle Photography.

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    Meant to add into my previous post that you can have "rolling in the sand" - "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" type photos done if that's what you want ..... The resort photographers are great to work with & will take lots of different poses & it's a lot of fun ... You can arrange different times & locations also if you want to have pictures taken around the resort in different outfits.

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    We had some shots taken of our private dinner in the wedding gazebo at css. The resort photogs do a nice job.

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