Just read the following from Randymon:

The above mentioned lease agreement included terms that allowed the Lessors to sell the property and in October 2013, they accepted an offer of purchase from a third party, Sandals Resorts Ltd. This means that Couples, despite its plans to continue for the foreseeable future as the operator of Couples Barbados, is required to cease operations as of November 6, to facilitate the transition to the new owner/operator.

All I can say is WOW....after all of the heartache of the seemingly tough opening and all of the flack that Couples took (from what I read on TripAdvisor), and to finally have the resort aligned with the Couples quality standards....only to have it sold to Sandals!

Hopefully Couples can recoup some of their investment, and I truly applaud management for offering so many options to "make it right" for their guests.

We love CSA, and after having read Randymon's thread, I have renewed respect for the Couples brand.