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    Is it just me, or does this transaction reek of sleaze-factor???? Like the S-clowns wanted Couples to come in and do all the dirty work, all the while waiting for them to clean the place up to buy it out from under their feet.... I'm a businessman with a great deal of street experience, and this stinks of conspiracy...
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    This whole thing seems kinda crazy to me. My gut is telling me perhaps Couples realized that this venture really wasnt going to work. Getting to places like Barbados isnt that easy for many people and its quite pricey. Will be anxious to see how Sandals does. I know they struggle with the cost structure at places like SEB. Couples has a great thing going in Jamaica so just keep up the great work there

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    I agree, why bother renovating and doing all this work if you only lease....why did they not buy it?

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    I was thinking the exact same thing. I think they also wanted to see if the couples only AI model would work in Barbados- which it seemed like it was working.
    Anyone know if Couples will retrieve any of the monies they sunk into the Barbados resort ?

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    I totally agree with your take on this transaction. We saw the Casuarina in March . Could not believe all the changes and hard work which had been put into changing it to "Couples" when we stayed there for 2 weeks in August. All the management had put in such long hours and had listened to all the complaints . They almost had it perfect only to have it taken over by Sandals. My goodness their Grand Opening was only a few weeks ago. You would think that the people who were selling it would have had more consideration for the Management and staff of Couples. It is a pity that a time frame of "X" amount of years had not been written into the lease agreement before they could sell it. I feel so sorry for all the staff having to go through another change of management in such a short period of time. As somebody said in another thread we hope that the people who invested so much money in doing all the renovaions etc are getting some recompense for their investment.

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    I thought the exact same thing.
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    Ya know I thought the same thing. However, I will say that Couples handled this wonderfully. I love that they are offering the $500 discount to anyone that changes the reservation to Jamaica. This will offset any ticket changes in air fair + some. Way to handle it with class and keep your customers!

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    Our agreement was a lease with an option to purchase. We did have first right of refusal, but were unwilling to match the price offered to the owners by Sandals.

    The agreement did have a provision for us to be refunded the $$$$ we invested in the facilities.

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