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    Default Couples Negril Bonfire singer Moses Beckford

    I really hope Couples realizes how special this man is and how lucky they are to have him sing at their resort once a week.... He is one of the reasons we are booking CN again this spring. He is amazing! He truly was one of the highlights of our trip last April and we look forward to hearing him sing again. So anyone booking CN, make sure you go see him, I believe Monday nights, at the bonfire and chocolate night...

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    Is he the same singer that does the bonfire at CSA?

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    Yes, Moses Beckford is an amazing talent. I look forward to seeing him each year, so Couples Negril needs to realize how good he is and keep bringing him back. I still remember the first time I heard him...I was completely blown away, as I did not expect a bonfire on the beach to be of this caliber. Simply amazing! We have been to CN 6 times and each time his performance is one of the hilites of the entire week. MOSES!!! Nuf Respect mon.

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    We saw him last week - loved him!!!

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    Also known as Shyam. I have all of his CD's. We have talked with him a couple of times at CSA. He's a great guy.

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    We loved him too! Can't wait to see him in Dec. only 36 days!!

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    Thanks! I wasn't sure. He is amazing! I loved that night and we bought his CD. We listen to it all the time. The entire CD is good. I would love to get ahold of the other CDs if there are more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teva View Post
    We loved him too! Can't wait to see him in Dec. only 36 days!!
    We have 37 days can't wait!!!!!!Bonfire is Monday night right?

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    I agree he's wonderful, but we're always torn between the bonfire and the singalong at the piano bar. Paul Tucker is also amazing, and one of the big reasons why CN is our second home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken3605 View Post
    We have 37 days can't wait!!!!!!Bonfire is Monday night right?
    I believe it is!! After the repeaters dinner! Good times!!

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    When we were there in January, we were told that they were going to start using him more often for more events.
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    Is this bonfire still Monday nights?.... I plan on booking a week in the summer @ Couples Negril for 7 nights and want to make sure we do not arrive on the night of the bonfire (or leave that day)...

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    CN bonfire is Thursdays I believe. We are arriving at CN on the 24 for our 6th visit and have yet to see the bonfire. We always arrive on a Thursday. We try for the earliest morning flight in order to get to the resort as early as possible. Usually up at 3 a.m., on the road at 4...arrive at CN before noon, full day on the beach...then crash before the bonfire.

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