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    We are going to Sans Souci in 117 days and my favorite threads to read right now are the ones that give the little day-in, day-out details of resort life. We are outdoorsy people who like the simple things and tend to avoid crowds and tourist traps. I am most looking forward to walking the wooded paths and finding hidden hammocks, looking for wildlife and really hoping for the amazing opportunity to see some baby sea turtles while we're there.

    I saw a video tour of CSS on YouTube and one thing that made me smile was just a little lizard running around. With that in mind, are there any interesting species we might see or any nature-type experiences we might enjoy?

    Can you take a picnic lunch somewhere on the property, by the pond or at a hammock maybe? I asked on another thread if there was a bonfire on the beach and I was told that there isn't, but is there a place to make a little campfire or would they allow that on the beach at all?

    We are so excited to be taking this trip! It will be our 25th anniversary and we have never ever had a vacation like this before - not even a honeymoon! With 4 kids, ages 12-17, it has been a long time since we've had much time for just the two of us!

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    I was at CSS about a month ago. I am also a nature and animal lover. Here are a couple of things I really enjoyed while at Couples Sans Souci:

    * The pelicans who hang out at the pond. They use the branches sticking up out of the pond to rest and to sun themselves, and they use the pond itself as a food source. I loved seeing the pelicans dive head-first into the pond in an attempt to catch a fish for dinner (or lunch, or sometimes breakfast).

    * I also loved the turtles in the pond. I would try to remember to take a banana from the buffet line at breakfast to feed to the turtles. This was a lot of fun as the turtles were always eager to come over and get a bite. If you do decide to feed them, please choose something healthy - like bananas or some other type of fruit, or greens (like romaine, but NOT iceberg lettuce). I've read about too many people feeding the ducks and the turtles bread, and that's just plain unhealthy for them. It's better to not feed them than to feed them bread.

    *I also loved the tiny little hermit crabs that are common all over the grounds. When I say "tiny", I mean "tiny". These little guys are small! If I ever saw one on a walkway I would always pick him up and move him over to the grass or the sand, for fear that he would get stepped on!

    *Lastly, I really enjoyed the Momma kitty and her three little kittens that live on the grounds. I didn't pet them but enjoyed watching the kittens' playful antics. Momma kitty is probably good at keeping any rodents at a minimum (not that I saw any). I don't know if management would have frowned on me for doing this, but a couple of times I took a little piece of salmon from the breakfast buffet and fed it to the Momma kitty and her kittens. Adorable!

    Couples Sans Souci is a great place for a nature lover! Have a great time!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming 25th anniversary! CSS is a special place and you'll find many things in nature to enjoy there.

    Be sure to visit the Mineral Grotto where you'll find small fish that will nibble at your feet...if you put them into the cold water.

    Something we enjoy in the evenings is laying on one of the hammocks below the pool by the Balloon Bar, above the mineral pool, and listening to the music of "showtime" mixed with that of the tree frogs. A couple years ago we learned how to "hunt for tree frogs"...which has given us some neat pictures of the little guys. It's a real challenge to use your sense of hearing to "home in on" them, so as not to scare them, and then use an LED flashlight to help them "glow".

    If you go snorkeling you'll find an abundance of sea life to make friends with. We typically take a roll or two from the breakfast buffet with us. Place these in a pocket or mesh bag so that, once you find some friendly fish during your excursion, you can break off small pieces, let them go and disintegrate/sink. Pretty soon you'll have more coming to your buffet!

    Oh yeah...a picnic lunch sounds great. Don't know why you couldn't take something from the Beach Grill and enjoy it at a place of your choosing. By the pond would be a great choice or maybe in the area below the workout pavillion.

    In 4 visits to CSS we've never seen anyone start a "campfire on the beach"...but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you could. They might even help provide what you need.

    Have an awesome stay!

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    ggirl40... from what your post tells us, you have made an excellent choice of resorts to celebrate your special anniversary. Besides the incredible staff, the natural, "old-fashioned" and spacious feel of the resort is what makes it so unique. There is lots of space per guest. Even if the resort is full while you are there it will not feel crowded and there will likely be places to be together quietly as a couple. Walk the grounds on your first full day. I believe there may even be a guided nature tour with a staff member who oversees environmental issues. (Not the same as the new guest guided tour, which may be of interest to you also.)

    Look for the tree-frogs coming out in the evening on the wall leading up to D-block. Watch for the egrets flying as a flock into the trees on the peninsula at dusk. Take close-up photos of the tropical flowers. Try to glimpse fish darting in and out of "Charlies-grotto" on high tide. And most definitely take a dip in the water of the cold mineral grotto which I think some guests never even see. (Let the fish nibble you a bit for an exercise in mine-over-matter!) The mineral springs are one of the reasons Sans Souci is where it is. Built into the cliffside, with an old Jamaican/English feel, I hope no one ever tries to change that.

    There is so much more to say, but part of the fun will be discovering for yourself many special "simple things", as you said.

    There is one other "natural" aspect of Sans Souci that you should at least consider, and that is Sunset Beach, the resorts au-natural area. You will never go to another resort with such a tastefully, respectfully and seamlessly integrated opportunity to experience this "out-side the box" activity. Not only are the folks there some of the friendliest and least judgmental people you will ever meet, but the cool river flowing by and the spectacular view of the mountains down the coast will soothe your soul in an indescribable way. My dear wife and I looked at each other on our first visit to Sans Souci and thought, not why (?), but "why not" (!) Good decision... for us,it's the frosting on the cake that is Sans Souci. We are fast approaching the 8th annual visit to our Couples home, Sans Souci.

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    CSS is so spread out and jungle like, you will find all kinds of wildlife everywhere. I got up early one morning, around. 6am, and walked over to Ssb and stopped at the pond. There were about 10 cranes and about 7 pelicans diving for fish. I had no idea how many fish were in the pond. As the birds flew over, the water would ripple from the fish scattering to get away from the birds. A very unique experience but you have to get up early to see it .
    There also was a stingray hanging out at the main beach that we saw, casually swimming around . It was very young for sure but very cool to see.

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    ...but is there a place to make a little campfire or would they allow that on the beach at all?

    Sorry OP, but I'd seriously doubt you'd be allowed to make a campfire on the beach. Even though you may be very safety conscious, I'd imagine that this kind of activity would trigger all kinds of safety / insurance issues with the resort. Best not to try it on your own, and definitely expect a "no" when you ask management.

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    Thanks for all the replies! I had seen pictures of the mineral grotto but I didn't know there were fish in it. I'm really looking forward to exploring the grounds every day. A few people have mentioned that river. Is it on Couples grounds? Can you explore the river at all without leaving the property? At home we love to put on our creek shoes and go catch crayfish and other critters. Only 111 days to go! Almost to the DDD!

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    Glad you're getting all the info you need and getting excited about your visit to CSS. The only river, visible on the right side of the picture found here (Couples Sans Souci Map & Resort Panoramas | Beachfront & Ocean Suites), starts at SSB and heads off the property. If you want to do some water exploration there's a beach down by "Charlie's Grotto"...a great place for pictures (we've seen some professional shots being done there). And, if you like walking in the creek, don't forget to do the Dunn's River Falls excursion to climb the falls. It's a lot of fun and a great opportunity for some awesome pics (be sure to bring a waterproof camera).
    Enjoy your exploration of CSS!!!

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    The river is by the SSB for most of the day to explore it you would have to be au natural. Not sure how far from the resort you would want to

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