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    Default Couples tower isle on crutches

    My boyfriend and I have a vacation booked in November to couples tower isle for a wedding. He broke his leg 10 days ago and will still be on crutches when we go. Trying to find out if he will be able to get around easily and what activities he might be able to do. Obviously snorkeling is not an option but we are hoping he can still do the boat tours and maybe accompany others in our group when they go golfing (just not participate) any advice?

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    Not too bad to do CTI on crutches. The resort is setup sort of on 2 levels. The main level with the main pool, restaurants, and main bar. Inlt a few steps on this level. The down a flight of steps and you are on the beach level. I there are elevators that can help make it easier to get from the main level to your room.

    We tend to spend as much time as possible on the beach. The swim up bar has an area outside of the water to sit. There is always the island if you want to give the Au Naturel thing a try.

    Even on crutches any Couples Resort would still be paradise.

    Only 121 more days until we return to CTI.

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    CTI is a relatively easy resort to get around. Not very large and essentially built on 2 levels...building and beach. Although it is a multi-level facility there are elevators to make manuvering between floors doable. I had injured my leg right before our last visit and was using a cane for a few days with no difficulty getting around. Should still be able to do the glass-bottom boat and catamaran excursions.

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    CTi is probably the best Couples resort for you guys with him on crutches....he will, you will both have a great time. nothing is too far away for him to worry or get tired. the staff will take great care of you! ENJOY
    Chuck and Gail
    Washington DC area (Northern VA)
    CSS April 19th
    7th Trip to Couples (2xCSA 4xCSS 1xCTI)
    Too many trips to JA to count and still love it!

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    As far as getting around the resort, he's going to have to navigate stairs in several places. The stairs are also not as "deep" front-to-back as steps in the US tend to be. If you get a first-floor room, then the only steps he'd have to worry about would be:
    1. Going down to the beach / swim-up bar pool
    2. Going to the Patio restaurant / pool by the pool grill

    As for any of the activities?
    I honestly couldn't say.

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