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    We're eagerly looking forward to our first visit to Jamaica and to CSA ... a special treat for my wife's "special" birthday (she won't let me mention the number - but it's a big one )

    We're arriving from the UK on 23rd Jan ... returning on Feb 6th ...

    Anyone else there for those dates?

    BTW - my wife is nuts for a game of tennis ...

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    Hi! My Hubby & I will be there Jan 19-Feb 4th- close to your dates. THX for not posting what Bday your wife is celebrating- you're a true Gentlemen! We aren't tennis players BUT, there will be a LOT of guests that are ! A large group of repeaters come this time every yr & it's easy to jump right in with them! You'll enjoy the resort & all Jamaica has to offer. Such wonderful people, a GORGEOUS Island & fabulous beach w/calm water. I suggest taking the orientation. The resort is large BUT it's feels so private! As I always much to do, so little time! ENJOY & see you on the beach! Cindy

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    Hi Lloydy - we will be there Jan. 25 - Feb. 5! You are going to LOVE the sports complex. There are 10 tennis courts. We use the sports complex every morning and there are always people there, so you won't have any trouble finding partners for tennis. Cindy is right about the repeaters - they are truly a terrific group of people and we would love to have you join us as repeaters. You will definitely want to check out the martini bar (above the Palms) at night. It is such a wonderful way to relax with friends. Have you ever been to Jamaica before?

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    Hi, similar to your wife celebrating that special birthday and have decided to grow older disgracefully! We are there from the 16th to 30th. On the countdown until we leave, suitcases out packing started 10 days left at work! See you on the beach! You will love the holiday and resort and the people I'm sure. Happy to offer any advice I can, our last trip was also in January 2011. We did use our last visit to just chill and enjoy the beach, but there is lots to do if you want to. We didn't do it last time but are going on the 'One Love Pub Crawl' this time around on the 22nd it's meant to be real fun and we thought it was a great way of meeting people and seeing Negril other than the hotel.

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    Hi Jes - look forward to seeing you in a few weeks - we arrive on 1/25. We did the One Love Pub Crawl last January. It was a good way to check out a bunch of different bars and restaurants. This is the one trip, though, that you will want to have Jamaican money. We found that several of the bars did not have US dollars, so our "exchange" rate was not very good. We didn't mind helping out the local economy, but if you can get your hands on some Jamaican money ahead of time, you will definitely save a few bucks.

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    Hi Everyone! Looks like we're all getting close to coming Home to CSA! Anyone else excited???
    Hope everyone has a safe journey & as they say in JA, 'Cool Runnings'! See you on the Beach! Cindy
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