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    Default Barbados:spoke to sandals

    Hi everyone,we booked for November 2013, paid in full. Had a quick chat with sandals reps.was told reservations prior to new ownerships will not change. Was told nothing was going to be added or taken away. Now Sandals operates differently, will know later if reservations for restaurants will now have to be done.romance rewards should still be awarded, was told, the pre checkin for the fridge, they do not know. Wanted to switch to Jamaica, but the CSa was booked.

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    Just saw that a lot of people are disappointed,so are we. We discovered couples last year,and was excited about Barbados. Unfortunately, we cannot change our vacations dates, work will not allow it. We would have liked to go back to Jamaica, but CSa was here we are,going to a resort when we thought all the bugs were worked out, only to be stuck in the same situation. Not very impressed. I think that if couples offered a compensation for 2014, it would be gladly appreciated. It is an unfortunate situation, but my job has to be there when we come back.

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    I would most likely render my decision based on the "MINI FRIDGE" and if not honored would cancel and rather sit in Branson in January than sit thirsty for 5min in Barbados!!!!!!

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    I am the say way bro's. I wont drink a Pepsi because I am brand loyal to Coke. I dont own stock in Coke, just have always liked it better, plus the Michael Jackson thing back when made me mad. And who can hate on the Coke Polar Bears. Christmas isnt Christmas until Coke runs their ads. I am the same way with knock off products. I dont care if it is the exact same ingredients in different and cheaper packaging, I will not accept Walmart brands when I can pay more for a nicer looking box. I am loyal to couples, so if Sandals wants to put their name on the same thing, NO WAY. I'd rather be unahppy the rest of my life than spend 2 weeks in the Jamaican sun drinking and eating as much as I want.

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