Anne (she who must be obeyed) & I (Steve) are visiting CSA for our first time arriving mid November for 9 nights. Not long now!

Can I ask some questions?

a) The Virgin flight from London gets into MBJ around 17:45. Will most of the flights from North America have already landed, is it worth getting the Club Mobay VIP arrivals service to expedite the MBJ immigration & customs process which seems lengthy? We will definitely take the subsequent Departure option so we can enjoy a few drinks before we endure the flight back home. I havent flown Economy transatlantic in a long while so have upgraded to the Xtra Legroom/ Emergency Exit Seats!

b) We are both regular Club Tennis Players and play lower division matches ( C & D team level) for our local Tennis Club in Warwickshire in the UK. We have been on several Group Coaching Tennis Holidays in the UK, Spain, Greece & Turkey & usually always participate in the Social Tennis sessions in the Evening. What are the Tennis arrangements at CSA? We prefer playing Doubles Tennis also with others (we tend to bicker on Court!) & we enjoy making new friends by playing our Sport & socialising enjoying a drink or 2 afterwards.

c) After visiting St Lucia earlier this year I've become keen on Snorkelling. The night snorkelling at CSA sounds really great. My wife has some complicated feet issues so regular flippers dont always comfortably fit her, do they have the scuba "flippers" with just the strap at the back. Otherwise Anne will take her Jellies and wear those inside a bigger flipper to protect her heel. Presumably the flippers from Snorkelling & Scuba are all the same. Otherwise I'm thinking of visiting a specialist shop in the UK & getting these for her that are a custom fit before we leave.

d) I've opted for an Ocean Verandah, but then after booking & paying me money I hear about Building construction activities (via this Bulletin Board) in our Resort! UK travel companies don't typically allow this when selling their holidays so I'm surprised that CSA is actually open with this activity ongoing! As I'm fat & fifty I like my siesta in the afternoon (especially with a 5 hr time change) so I can subsequently party at Night! How bad is this Construction & should I be considering a swap to CN or alternative Couples by speaking to my UK travel agent. Will this be done by mid November? I originally decided on CSA because of the Tennis facilities. I know resorts have to renovate but in Europe usually the facility would shut, renovate, & then re-open subsequently