Ok, we are making our 6th trip in a 5 days, along with 2 other couples. I played golf alone on my first trip in 2009, and now 2 of the others want to play, so I am not sure of a few things, even after reading the golf costs.

If anyone can answer or confirm my observations I would appreciate it.

Golf Cart $35, so if 2 of us use it, that is the total cost the way I read it. Is this correct?

Since there will be 3, I understand the caddie is for the cart and is $14 so that is $7 per person, Correct?
One person will have to pay $14 by themselves. Guess we will draw straws.

Tipping the Caddy, I tipped $20 by myself and thought that was very generous for 18 holes. Would this still be an appropriate tip for 2 of us, or would we each tip that amount or like amount? What does other people do?

Golf clubs, as I recall they were not much, but they were usable. It says they are $18. I paid higher, but I got a choice of prices. It also says they have left handed, which one of my group is left handed. Anyone out there able to affirm this?

What we talked about doing, since there are 3 of us, was to add the total cost to play for all of us and divide by 3. That way we are all sharing in the expense of having an odd player. Well we are all odd I guess.

We are not taking our clubs for 1 round, only tees, balls, ball marks and divot repair tools. So if I am adding up the projected costs correctly, the total should come to about $148 for 3, or about $50 each. Sound right?