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    Default Sangsters on a Tuesday? Is it worth getting Club Mobay for Tues?

    Just wondering if anyone has arrived and left on a Tuesday in February? If so what was the Airport like? Is it busy?
    Would It really be worth the extra for Club Mobay Arrival and departure?

    Also is it worth booking no included excursions through the resort or would we save money going private?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Never in February, but we arrived and left on a Tuesday this past May. We are arriving this Tuesday for another trip. We didn't get Club Mobay for this trip because the lines weren't super long for our trip in May.
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    I think its has been suggested to look up air traffic and see how many flights are coming in at the time you are on that day.

    Im traveling in mid november on a saturday arrival late morning. Sat and sun seem to be popular times and I just went ahead and booked it. Sometimes you win and sometimes the house does.

    Fear of regret is a funny thing.

    I think I'd rather regret spending the money than not and waiting on line for an hour.

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    We found that Tuesday is the best day of the week, except if it's right after a long weekend. I have my travel agent check all the incoming flights around our arrival time to determine whether or not I get MoBay Arrival package....three or four flights, I would get Arrival package, but like I said Tuesdays are golden! But we always get the Departure package because it's much better being in their great (quiet) lounge with free food and drinks than sitting out at the gate. Two years ago our flight was delayed over two hours and we were sure glad we were in the lounge rather than at the gate!

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    In 2012 we flew in/out on a tuesday. It was by far the easiest travel time for us in Mbj.

    Even though it is a lite travel day, if several flights arrive within the same window of time, you could have some wait time. However, it is very unlikely to have to wait very long. I always recommend the week prior, on the same day of week, check out the arrivals to get a sense of how many planes may be arriving.

    All of that being said, we do club mobay on departure not because you save time, because the way its set up you really don't. But instead use it for its food/drinks/atmosphere. We find we spend less with club mobay than sitting at a bar since we always end up with a few hours to kill.

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    Hi Ottrobca,
    We usually travel in and out mid-week and have use the Club Mobay a couple of times on departure. While it is nice, we have found that for us the value is not there. We like to take some time to visit the shops and have not found any problem or delays in getting through security - maybe it the time we travel. Club Mobay has done a nice job of making it comfortable and with some snacks/drinks.

    We go twice a year and have for the past 5 or 6 years, so no longer do additional excursions. I doubt that you will find much difference in pricing going private vs through the resort excursion desk. Plus I think there is a more comfortable feeling going through the resort. Just my perspective...

    Every little thing is gonna be alright...

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    We have never traveled on a Tuesday to MOBAY, Can't help you there. In our experience the timing the day of your arrival is what matters most. If other flights arrive the same time, etc. We've stood in line forever, and also flew through customs! Hard to explain! I haven't researched the Club MOBAY reviews on here in a while, but the last I read it was not worth it!

    I recommend doing your research NOW on the types of excursions you might like to try, but wait till you arrive and speak to the concierge for the best options. It's not like going to a used car salesman, there is NO pressure! I suggest NOT waiting too long however, perhaps even try to do it first or second day after arrival. Unpack, freshen up, grab a cold one at the bar(s) and take it with you to the concierge. They will be helpful and courteous! They WANT you to enjoy the excurion you book through them, and there is no upsell or extra charge!

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    We have traveled to Jamaica many times on Tuesday. Usually we go right through immigration and customs with no delay. The only time there seemed to be a delay was when our flight was a late arrival. There were two other flights landing at the same time. It took approx. forty minutes to clear immigration.

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    I am debating the same thing- we arrive on Tuesday December 24th.....wondering if Christmas Eve will be a heavily travelled day?

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    Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to going to CTI in Feb.

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