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"Be happy when you get to the airport. Why? You're not on the bus anymore! Don't tip the bus driver. If you were rendered unconcious and woke up in miami then tip him! Why? You were unconcious!"
Really? Why wouldn't you tip the return bus driver? It's the same time & distance as going to the resort......
That bit of sarcasm might have been lost here. If your on the bus and the Wake up in Miami you obviously need not deal with the pain of travel because in a coma your oblivious to what is going on. Naturally a car accident which renders you into such a state is not a good thing!

I wrote this after reading the lowest rated trip advisor reviews. There are about 70 that rate the resort "Terrible" Obviously there are plenty of inexperienced over expected travelers there and some wanted a different experience! some very funny stuff and it was my muse.