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    Default premier beachfront suite @ csa

    will be at csa in march 2014,,, which building # is the best for a premier beachfront suite. also 1st or 2nd floor preference. last if any one has a video or photos of the rooms and views.. thanks

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    There aren't enough PBFS to worry about room number. Second floor for more privacy and ground floor if you want to walk off your patio and be on the beach.

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    They weren't their own seperate category when I got mine (the one pictured on the website), but I believe there are only four of them. There are 2 beachfront buildings that have only 3 suites per building (the others have 4). I believe the two bottom suites (like the ones pictured) and the two top ones directly above them are the "premier" ones. So, with that said, there is really no need to worry about a specific room number.

    What you really want to think about is whether you want a first floor or a second floor. I was on the first floor. The HUGE wrap-around terrace was fantastic....half a dozen steps off the beach and no stairs to climb at night if you have had too much to drink. Some people don't like the lack of privacy. You are only 5-10 feet away from the path that winds all down the beach. So, when you are out there, there are always people walking by. We didn't mind it. In fact we kind of enjoyed being the people who got the best room in the place.

    On the other hand, if you are the type who might want to be scantily clad on your balcony, or engage in some hanky panky out there, or if you just don't like everyone who walks by looking at you (because they will) want a second floor.

    Of course, since there are so few of them, don't be heartbroken if they can't honor your request. I honestly would be happy with either floor, although I prefer the first floor.
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