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    Default How to pick a resort and not regret it...........(part one)

    I love Trip Advisor and love the "Terrible" reviews. Especially the longer ones that feel like they have to sell their bad vibe to others. They can be entertaining but also informative. A good rant will expose the core problem they had which was "Expectations".
    Im a pretty experience traveler and have had so many wonderful memories on all continents except Antartica.

    After reading a few bad reviews I thought i'd preach to the choir and maybe help someone from making a bad choice for them either do to inexperience or high expectations.

    We are going to CSA and I know it don't have windows in my room. Just shutters. My bathroom won't have a ceiling for itself so we know bathroom noise might be heard. I hear they get ants in the rooms if you leave food out. Me, I want to sleep with nature. If I wanted the Ritz, I'd go that route. Some folks equate amenities with quality. some want pomp and circumstance and feel good in a more luxurious resort. Nothing wrong with that. I'll keep food out of the room over nite and deal with some ants if need be. Its not that its a dirty place, buts its in a lush environment on the beach. That means it gets damp. If its clean its not a problem but know it gets damp. If you don't like this you might want to make another choice either with couples or on the island.

    I have to high rise hotels, boutique hotels, and very high end all inclusive (spa like).

    Why CSA this time? What we don't want in THIS caribbean trip is a high rise building/area, fancy lobbies, lots of air conditioning, people, casinos, nite life, noise, TV, movies, porn, loud music, drunk people, conventions, roller coasters,etc. I don't care about shopping, theme restaurants, or attractions. Not for this trip.

    I want to feel like I am somewhere different and have been to three other nice resorts in Negril. When thre I get the vibe that I am in another place and its Jamaica! When in Aruba, it could be Grand Caymen. Thats ok, but I want the green lush topograhic experience but sports amenities and no sight seeing. The lush property, the beach, the water, the music, and the smells the closer I am outside the better. Thus CSA with its no glass windows, rooms without TV and no glitz is what I want. The sports complex is a must, tennis program was the clincher and yoga all was important. So basically I wanted a near boutique experience with scale large enough to have enough tennis program.

    I am 52 and we love to travel taking in many experiences. I've been to the Ritz Carleton in NY, Amelia Isle and Sarasota and enjoyed each stay. They do a great job! There are many places, like the RIU chain that has the big pool, fancy lobby, and crisp rooms! I have also spent time in remote places in south and central america that were clean, save and in the rain forest.

    Which do you think I remember? The Matching robes in the ritz or the Volcano in Costa Rica? The compimentary mineral water or hand lotion or The base of Machuu Pichu? The starbucks coffie in room or The two nites in a very green ecological boutique hotel after a week on a small boat in the Galopagos to get our legs back?

    Don't get me wrong, I painted my bedroom the same color as the room I had at the Ritz in Amelia Island! I like nice service and enjoy being pampered. Just know what IM going in for and expectations in line and your going to have a great experience! We once went to the Royal Hidaway when Occidental owned it in its prime. We had two hour massages every day for 5 days! Incredible all inclusive back then. I have had 11 caribbean trips and we never go to the same place twice. Been to CN after it just opened and we had a great time. This will be our 4th trip back to Jamaica/Negril. What CN and now CSA has to offer is what I want fo this trip.

    Been on a few cruises as well. Lets not go there.

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    Love this! The natural feel of CSS is exactly why we chose it for our vacation. What was important to me and my husband? He wants lots to do and is not happy sitting on the beach or pool all day-which is exactly where I like to be. He will do every activity and watersport there is and I will watch from the beach and pool while reading my book and just join in when the mood strikes me. The rooms-who cares as long as its clean-we will spend little time in it. We chose our room-beachfront-based on its location to the beach and pool with the swim up bar and close to the Pallazina for breakfast. I know we will have a great vacation b/c we picked a resort that captures the things that are important to us. Seems like you do the same. Have a great time!

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    Sounds like csa is the right place for you, and for us in 183 sleeps. Hope you love it as much as we do.

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    Very well said, and so right! I absolutely loved my screened windows at CSA last year...and my vacation kitties. I'm looking forward to new memories at CSS next week.
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013
    CSA - May 2016
    CSS - May 2017

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