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    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to look up on YouTube the name of the singer that sings on the beach at Negril? We have been there before and have met Donovan and it is not him, there is another gentleman that is also wonderful. Any help is appreciated!

    I am looking forward to buying Donovan's new CD!!!

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    Default The Wonderful Sounds of Negril

    You may be trying to find Kevin Sterling. He plays the Bloody Bay beach most afternoons and has an amazing voice. You can find him at the following Youtube link Kevin Sterling - Negril, Jamaica - YouTube

    Of course the best voice on the beach can be found at the Couples Negril bonfire on Monday nights. That is Moses Beckford. You can find him at the following Youtube link Get Cozy By The Fire At Couples Negril - YouTube

    Hope this helps.

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    Kevin Sterling is our favorite beach singer ..... He doesn't come by CN everyday like Donnovan does but LOVE it when he does. He's on YouTube.

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    There is a great singer that walks the beach that goes by the name of Ice Block, his real name is Fitzroy Melbourne. He has a great voice that has a little rasp to it and plays the guitar.

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    The beach singer we enjoyed the most was Mr Ice Block. Amazing voice and lovely guy. We bought his CD. You'll find clips of him on YouTube.

    Looking forward to seeing him again in March 2014.

    Hope he's your guy 😎

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    Moses Beckford (his stage name is Shyam Moses) also performs at CTI, I think it's Tuesday night and it is amazing-- bonfire on the beach, some fresh fruit fondue, and his voice is such a romantic combination!

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    Not on the beach I know, but our absolutely favourite singer was the lady in Negil piano bar. She really sang from the heart and made me cry! We'd love to hear her singing during dinner - it would certainly promote the romantic ambiance of Negril!!
    Roll on December

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    YES!!!!!! That is him! Great! Thanks so much!

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    Wow, is Moses Beckford ever good, does he come over to csa?

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    softail19 - Shyam does perform at CSA Bonfire (or at least he did last year in September when we were there).

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    Can I buy his cd somewhere online do you know?

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    We have bought a Shyam Moses CD on iTunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasingAnnie View Post
    Can I buy his cd somewhere online do you know?
    We met Moses when he sang at the CSA Wednesday bonfire night recently and bought his CD - which I can't stop playing! The CD states his website as but I don't think this works. He is on facebook though so if you are too you should be able to ask about buying his CD online.

    Back from our very first visit to CSA just 10 days ago and missing it like crazy. I now know why there are so many repeaters!

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