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    We are going to CSS October 26 2013 for the first time. We are very excited can anyone give us pointers? Do we need to bring dressy clothes for dinner? Do you suggest the arrival lounge thing they offer?

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    You are so gonna love CSS. It's a beautiful resort with great staff that's very romantic. Get ready to be pampered and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in this tropical paradise. Be sure to take some walks and explore the resort so as to take it all in, including finding some quiet places that the two of you can call your own. Try snorkeling and bring an underwater camera for some fabulous fun. Bringing some "dressy clothes", but nothing too fancy, would be good to do as most people will dress up a bit for the Starlight Gala, done on Friday evening, and if they eat at the Casanova. We've never done anything but get off the plane, go straight to the Couples Lounge, grab a Red Stripe or some water and await transportation to our resort (usually takes less then 20 minutes). Have a wonderful visit at CSS!!

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    Hi There

    If you look on the main websites and then under the restaurants for CSS it gives you dressing requirements. Seems like its only Cassanova that requires "dressy" per say but that also depends on what you think is dressy. I'm thinking a simple sun dress or linen pants would be just fine and comfortable for ladies. Some khaki or long pants for men (not cargo) and a collared shirt for me and no open toed shoes for men.
    We also arrive on 10/26 so we'll see you there!

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    Sweet, thank you both for your input, we are extreamly excited.. LoriJenn we arrive late Saturday night flying in from AZ to FL then to Jamacia...

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    Best suggestion...spend an hour or two reading through these message boards, and see what people have experienced, what to take, what not to take. Enjoy!!

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    You're welcome. Wish we were going to CSS...but will have to wait 202 days till our visit at CN. Couples Resorts are like the commercial (I believe Lays) that says, "You just can't stop at one". We started with CSS and have gone on to try the others. Then we just keep coming back for more. Have a great visit!!!

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    LJSTBME-Wow I bet that's a long flight. We're flying in direct from Baltimore and arrive around 11a. Safe travels for you both-see you then! Looking forward to our Beachfront Suite!

    We are packing now!

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    LoriJenn.. thanks it isnt too bad of a flight we have almost as long a lay over in FL as our flight from az to FL but thats ok give us some drink time in the airport... Look forward to meeting you along with everyone else I have been talking to who are going to be there at the same time. Have a safe trip in and see ya soon.... 3 more sleep nights.. woohoo

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