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    Default CSA building F or G and which floor??

    Hi, we will be staying in a one bedroom ocean suite at CSS in Feb. We were going to request either building F or G. How many floors are there in each of those buildings? Plus and minuses of each floor?? Differences to be aware of between the 2 buildings??
    We generally go to bed and get up pretty early so noise at night could be an issue for us.
    Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

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    Bldg. F is above the lobby and closer to the Balloon Bar. We've never stayed in this bldg. before but would be concerned about hearing "Showtime" done there if you go to bed early. We've stayed in bldg. G on most of our stays at CSS and love it. I believe the floors in each is between 3 and 5 (bldg. G has more floors). Bldg. G is also closer to the ocean and we've always loved the views. Hopefully others can give more insight.

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