Hi all!

My parents, John and Jackie, have visited Couples CTI numerous times since I was a kid. They always told me that when I was older and could afford it, I should really go because I'd love it. Finally I'm 31 and engaged, and my fiancé and I will be at CTI next month to tie the knot, courtesy of my parents! We will actually be coming alone--we're kind of introverted, so no guests or family at the wedding.

We are big time foodies and my fiancé is a home-brewer, so he's super into craft beers (but will drink High Life if the occasion calls for it). We like sightseeing, but I am pretty clumsy and probably won't be into hiking or anything remotely dangerous. We aren't really Naked Island people...ha!

If any of you have recommendations for first-timers or for CTI weddings, I'd love to hear them. And if you'll be around between November 9-16, I'd love to meet you for a Red Stripe!